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Train your mind and heart

Whether you’re new to meditation or practice often, we offer a variety of classes taught by experienced teachers that will help you become more clear, calm and connected.

When we practice

We can’t all sit cross-legged under a tree for days. We get it. That’s why our drop-in classes make it easy for you to fit meditation into your life.

Experience the benefits of proven techniques

The techniques we teach have been created and taught for centuries to help people better understand their minds and hearts and experience the benefits along the way.

  • Mind meditation ($17)

    From our work to our personal lives, time and attention seem like rare gems. Through our mind-based meditations, we’ll help you cultivate a deeper sense of concentration and clarity.

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  • Heart meditation ($17)

    The pace of our lives often leaves us feeling emotionally detached. Through our heart-based meditations we'll help you become more connected with yourself and others.

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  • Relaxation meditation ($17)

    Living in a city can be inspiring, but also incredibly exhausting. Through Yoga Nidra, this class will help you relax your mind and body and allow you to experience a sense of stillness.

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  • Energy meditation ($17)

    To be vibrant is to be alive and energetic; ready for whatever the day has to offer. Through pranayama techniques, this class will help you increase and manage your energy levels.

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  • Sound meditation ($17)

    We’re surrounded by sound everyday, but rarely do we use it to calm ourselves. In this class, we use instruments and sound meditation techniques to ground you in the moment.

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  • Beginners' meditation ($17)

    We all need to start somewhere. Our beginners' meditation classes explore the basics of the practice and provide you with the foundation to build upon.

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Class packs that suit your practice

Our class packs are focused on helping you create or deepen a regular meditation practice.

  • Intro Pack




    This works out to be $6 per class

  • 5 Class Pack

    5 x



    This works out to be $12 per class

  • 10 Class Pack

    10 x



    This works out to be $9 per class



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