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Don’t wait to start your meditation journey

August 11, 2017

Learning how to meditate isn’t difficult, and if you’re open to noticing, the benefits can be quickly realised. Here, we offer you a basic guide to calm your mind, focus your attention, open your heart and learn more about yourself. So get comfortable and take a few minutes to sit with us in this space. […]

Turn your meditation into a habit

Meditation, like any behaviour, is a habit that can be created and changed. To help you do this, we’ve put together some tips and ideas. So take a few minutes, get comfortable and sit with us in this space. Just like heading to the gym or going for a run, meditation is a habit that gets […]

Meditate and breathe

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” — Thich Nhat Hanh Life is distracting. A 2010 study led by psychologist, Dan Gilbert, found that almost 50% of our time is spent mentally ‘checked-out’; defaulting to habitual behaviours and focusing on internal narratives rather than our external environments. Let me illustrate this in […]

Meditate On Listening To Yourself

“Listening deeply is the practice of mindfulness. But if you are full of pain, full of anxiety, full of projections, and especially full of prejudices, full of ideas and notions, it may be very difficult for you to practice deep listening.” — Thich Nhat Hanh Listening seems so rudimentary that we often don’t see it as a […]

Using meditation to be kind to ourselves

Imagine that your partner, friend or child has had a tough day. They might have been let go at work or lost a loved one or struggling to see any positives in their life. How would you respond to hearing and feeling this? I’d assume you’d most likely listen to them, show them compassion and […]

Meditate to stay grounded, when life gets wobbly.

If 2016 has taught me anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Worry, stress and rumination go hand in hand with joy, happiness and good vibes. Finding ways to feel more grounded when times invariably get challenging can be a strategic way to be the best version of yourself. So what makes you feel grounded? You […]

Come home to yourself: A Meditation On Connection

Have you ever put down a house deposit, got a promotion, lost a loved one or even gotten engaged, only to wonder how you even got to this point in your life? Too often we go through life like this, in a perpetual state of auto-pilot. Life becomes Groundhog Day and starts to feel like […]

Be here. Not there: A mindful reminder

To whom it may inspire, I called myself ugly today. It isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I know the cues like an artist knows her hard, bright palette: a tired and scattered mind, the tendency to get frustrated at small, meaningless things and the need to distract myself with food or Instagram. They […]

The ripple effect: Meditation as an investigation

The ripple effect An enquiry into how the tiniest of behaviours can have a large impact in our lives “It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone when they get caught in the rain!” — Josh Waitzkin At this point in my life, the mundane and the monotonous have become deep wells of insight. Little by little I learn […]

Mindfulness in relationships

Falling in love is easy, staying in love, that’s the real work I’m sure flying a plane is difficult, but with the proper training, the right number of logged hours and suitable accreditation, you would make a fine pilot one day. Similarly, learning to cook is tricky, but with YouTube and an endless supply of […]