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Create a more mindful workplace

Our approach is focused on understanding your team to ensure we’re providing them with the best opportunity to not only improve their performance, but, more importantly, their lives.

Private classes

Book a private class for your team at our studio or in your workplace. Facilitated by one of our senior teachers, these classes will introduce the practice of meditation and its many benefits.

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Tailored workshops

From managing stress to being more creative, our tailored workshops focus on the specific needs of your team and provide them with the opportunity to learn, practice and integrate into their lives.

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Courses and intensives

Our courses explore the foundations of meditation and mindfulness and how we can effectively integrate these proven practices into our everyday lives and working environments.

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Mindful workplace programs

We work directly with you and your team to design mindful workplace programs focussed on embedding greater awareness and understanding into the workplace and allowing your team to experience the ongoing health benefits as a result.

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Focus on what matters to your team

We’ve worked with teams across Australia to introduce meditation and mindfulness in their workplaces and experience the benefits as a result.

Manage stress better

Leaving work at work is difficult. We’ll help your team cultivate a calmer mind by becoming aware of stress triggers and learning how to manage their responses to stressful events 1.

Stay focused

Multi-tasking can leave us feeling scattered and unproductive. We aim to support your team in developing the ability to focus on one thing at a time with a relaxed yet alert kind of attention 2.

Improve relationships

Let’s face it: working with humans in demanding, fast-paced environments isn’t always easy. We focus on helping your team better connect with themselves and the people around them 3.

Make clearer decisions

When we’re stressed and scattered, we often make poor decisions. Our offerings will encourage your team to notice when they are experiencing negative emotions and make more rational decisions 4.

We haven’t always meditated

“I know what it’s like to feel the weight of your working life pile up on your shoulders and not know how to remove it — drinking more coffee than your body can handle; taking on more and more tasks and feeling like you can never switch off.

For me, the cycle ended when I had a severe anxiety attack at work. I healed myself through meditation and yoga. Now I want to help people who were once like me to become the best, most vibrant version of themselves.”

Founder of A—SPACE,
Manoj Dias

The best stories have our clients in them

"Josh and Manoj were the perfect balance between relatable and aspirational. The workshop was relaxed and informal with free flowing discussion, useful exercises and practical tips. My favourite part was the conversations that followed. Some of the team practise mediation regularly some had never tried it but everyone said they got something out of it. The office was buzzing all afternoon."

Bree Johnson, Co-founder/Director, frank body

"As architects, we are under constant pressure to meet budgets, deadlines, complex briefs while ensuring we are able to think deeply and respond accordingly. A—SPACE have helped us to pause, to take back control of our work life and to focus, calmly, on the things that matter most. As a result, we now start each day with a 10 minute meditation."

Jeremy McLeod, Director, Breathe Architecture

"How can we motivate our teams to succeed if we struggle to motivate ourselves? We’re all so busy running our businesses that we often forget to take a step back and look after ‘number one’. Our early morning session with A—SPACE was insightful, calming and motivating all at the same time – it was a unique opportunity for us to stop and really consider (and put into practice) the ways in which mindful meditation can impact our lives, businesses and relationships."

Mia Klitsas, Entrepreneur’s Organisation, Victoria

We’ve worked with teams, big and small

From leading architecture firms to small startups, we’ve helped teams around Australia take the time to treat their minds right and experience the benefits of meditation as a result.